We keep and multiply family traditions. Our dedicated team is talented and highly professional masters: experienced stylists and designers, fashion designers and tailors, all who share a passion for children and fashion.


To think about high quality of products, but never lose sight of the children's psychology, respecting their feelings, imagination and innocence.


The most advanced computer and software development in the field of design (ASSIST). We use fabrics with low environmental impact, certified by the International Organization for Environment Protection.


Products by JUMS Kids are manufactured in a factory in Riga. You can be sure that we offer excellent working conditions, respect the dignity of employees and fairly evaluate the work.


Collections of the brand Jums Kids can be described as a harmonious combination of intelligence, restraint and laconism. The style of Jums Kids is recognizable. It has a bit of fuss, a bit of intellectuality and a sea of positive.


We tend to think that we do not just create clothes, but bring bright emotions into the children's life. Sincere feelings and emotions of children, which cannot be faked, will not leave anyone indifferent. And that’s all because they are the most honest, brightest and always cause positive emotions.