Material that monitors the temperature dynamics so that you are always in comfort

Comfortemp® is the brand name for intelligent nonwovens, into which materials have been integrated. They interactively react to changing body or outside temperatures. Depending on the individual situation or activity level they absorb excess body heat and store it until it is needed again. This keeps you in the comfort zone longer.

As the inventor of nonwovens, Freudenberg has had a rich history in the industry. It is currently the market leader and largest producer of nonwovens in the world.

PCM technology was originally developed in the 60's for use in NASA space suits. With the successfull introduction of microencapsulated, this technology became available to the consumer and industrial markets.

With Comfortemp® however, you move in the comfort zone, as all temperature changes will be balanced without you even noticing it. You feel comfortably warm longer, even when it is cold, and comfortably cool, even when it is hot.

Your garment is your second skin. It must be breathable and serve as an effective barrier against the cold or heat. When the body goes through intense physical activity, it has to perform the additional task of helping to cool down the body. If the garment does not function properly, the body becomes uncomfortable which will adversely affect our many daily activities. Comfortemp® offers the full benefits in the form of nonwovens which are used extensively in the apparel industry. As a result, garments with Comfortemp® functions as your second skin, always working to keep the body in the Comfort Zone where you are not too cold and not too hot. Unlike other mPCM technology based materials, however, Comfortemp® also provides basic features of non-wovens which are crucial in apparel applications. Comfortemp® is breathable and lightweight. For winter applications, Comfortemp® also has the added value of providing traditional insulation features of nonwovens which improves the cold protection.