Dec 16, 2017

Collection Autumn-Winter 2018/2019 ”The World of Dreams”

Jums Kids for the next Autumn/Winter 2018 continues its innovation with classic style that turns into a modern key, that folds into a unique style typical of the brand. Childhood is a world of dreams and fantasies, where the child's imagination takes him away from reality. During the development of the collection, we have learned to dream like children, we are immersed with them in a world of dreams. Dreams first come true in the head, and then they are already embodied in reality. We wanted to fulfill one of the most cherished fantasies of the child - to fly like birds, because the fulfillment of desires is the magic of childhood. Time is running too fast to draw with miracles for those who sincerely believe in them. We saw delight, joy, glee and happiness in your favorite eyes. The world every day becomes more amazing - you just have to look at it and to your child. Let all for the world's children be perfect!