Dec 21, 2018

JUMS Kids Collection Autumn-Winter 2019 “Feelings”

In a modern world new industrial technologies are surrounding us in all spheres of life. The world of childhood – is not an exception. Children are discovering the world. Their emotions, feelings and thoughts about the world are just forming. Adulthood will depend on the feelings and memories children will keep from the childhood times.

The inspiration for the autumn-winter 2019 JUMS Kids collection was the following things - real life, sincere emotions and warm memories, such as love, care, home comfort - the eternal values of each person. In a rapid flow of life, where technologies determine everything, where a new reality is made with the help of digital software, people are in need of an island of tranquility, where it is really cozy, comfortable, warm, where you can feel confident.

In JUMS Kids collection modern technologies just accompany eternal values, traditionally good quality is unshakable. Products of JUMS Kids – is an island of comfort and tranquility in a modern world. In JUMS Kids collection modern and retro features are combined.

There is sweet and warm girly theme, where vintage rose colour is accompanied by wine colours, however soft grey ideally is accompanied by charcoal colour. Elegant colour combinations give a highlight to urban and sport theme of the collection.

Galaxy Oversize down jacket for girls can serve as an an exceptional example: it is made in matte thick nylon fabric in blue colour, stuffed with 100% duck down, with removable oversize hood, farm raccoon fur finish with unusual colour combination.

A plenty of hand-made stitches and highly technological fabric of the LIMONTA company – traditions and innovations united in Keeton coat for boys.

Daily we are in search of new ideas, tirelessly open new horizons and move forward with passion. For JUMS our quality standards remain unchangeable.