Aug 08, 2017

Spring-summer “Different nature” collection 2018

The 2018 spring-summer “Different nature” collection tells us about a variety of colors and odors experienced within nature, which are reflected in the completely unique color, shape, and image collection. Designer sought inspiration in the nature-it is so different, but at the same time one for all. Smells from freshly mowed grass and foliage after the rain, the aroma of flowers and plants- all the diversity and multitude of smells and colors give a burst of energy to create a fobulous atmosphere for children in the 21st century.

JUMS Kids retains his classical form in silhouettes , yet brings something new which must be seen. This season, the brand has chosen for some of the collection products to be made out of organic cotton, including an H2O protector from a famously known company called “Olmetex”, offering a large variety of products of the most unexpected colors. In the girls collection, we used the applique „butterfly“ in tambour form style. Implementing butterfly`s in the most unexpected places.